Bellatrix "Bella" Thunderbane is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild wherein she is the leader of Team Bella and a part time member of Team Natsu. She is among the six Dragon Slayers sent to the future from 400 years past to assist in the defeat of Acnologia. She serves as a love interest for Rogue Cheney.


Bella Thunderbane

Bella in her gear

Bella has deep purple eyes and frizzy/curly black hair which she normally keeps in a high ponytail with one curly strand hanging in her face. She has tanned skin with the Wild Hunt Guild symbol on her right shoulder blade. This is later replaced by the Fairy Tail Guild symbol.

Bella's gear consists of a long sleeved black shirt, a cropped purple flak jacket with attached shoulder pads, pale yellow bracers made of dragon hide, baggy black sweatpants with purple lining, and black boots. She has a gun holster around each of her upper thighs.


Bella is fearless and loyal with a fiery temper and an impulsive streak. She is not someone to be underestimated. Her presence is described as a lightning bolt. She becomes irked when people remark that she resembles Gray Fullbuster. Bella is a friend of Erza, but does not like it when Erza seems heartless. The two are considered the strongest female members of Fairy Tail.

Bella can be serious if she wants to, and she despises perverts. This leads her to hit Gray Fullbuster everytime he removes his clothes in front of her. This does not mean she hates Gray; during the mission on Galuna Island she became upset when he planned to use Ice Shell and was relieved he was alright after the battle.

Bella is a also a smart and caring person, shown when she knew it was impossible to kill a dragon with Dragon Slayer magic and still didnt see why they needed to kill innocent dragons, a trait that Blitz has admired in her foster daughter.

Magic and Abilities

Lightning Magic: Bella's first form of magic was lightning magic. She can create, control, and manipulate lightning, natrual or magical. Her spells utilize lightning.

  • Lightning Resistance: Bella is immune to the effects of most lightning spells. In a battle, the more she has to resist, the less resisant she becomes until lightning spells take full effect. It often does not come to this point. Since she had Dragon Slayer Magic, she can consume lightning to gain strength and stamina as well as heal wounds.
  • Electrifying Jolt: Bella charges her hand with lightning to fire at the opponents. She can control how much power she puts into it.
  • Lightning Ninja Blades: Bella turns in a circle and shoots out bolts of lightning in all directions. This spell is extremely hard to control.
  • Thunder Palace: Bella has a very incomplete Thunder Palace. She can summon a few Lightning Lacrima that go off when she wants them too. She doesn't always use Body Link magic.
  • Electrifying Defense: Bella used this technique once when creating a barrier with Gajeel. After Gajeel created iron pillars to block the path, Bella charged them with lightning that electrocutes anyone who comes too close.
  • Lightning Lance: Bella creates a Lance made of lightning to impale one or more opponents.
  • Lightning Shield: Bella creates a shield made entirely of lightning.
  • Thunder Quake: Bella punches the ground with her right hand and the ground shakes, cracks, and lightning emerges to electrocute the enemy.
  • Thunder Kick: Bella kicks the air in the direction of her opponent. A lightning vortex shoots out of her leg toward the enemy and hits it.

Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic: Bella is a First Generation Kightning Dragon Slayer. She learned to use Lightning Dragon Slayer during her years with Blitz, deeming her as the actual Lightning Dragon Slayer since Laxus Dreyar only had a Lacrima implanted in him, and therefore was a member of the Second Generation. Bella can consume lightning to restor her strength and stamina as well as heal wounds. She can absorb lightning spells to make her power stronger. Her lightning can set flames and is attracted to iron, such as Gajeel Redfox.

  • Lightning Dragon Roar: Bella's best Dragon Slayer move. She can gather and release lightning from her mouth at the opponent. It has eniugh raw power to go up against Wind Magic.
  • Lightning Dragon Iron Fist: Bella covers her fist with lightning befpre punching the opponent.
  • Lightning Dragon Crushing Fang: Bella coats her hands in lightning, Bella slashes the enemy to electrocute them.
  • Lightning Dragon Sword Horn: Bella covers her entire body with lightning while attacking her enemy.
  • Lightning Dragon Thunder Star: Bella emits a great amount of lightning. It surrounds her body in the shape of a star. It electrocutes the opponent when Bella punches or kicks.
  • Lightning Dragon Thunder Bolt: Bella creates two orbs of lightning around her hand. She can shoot out ribbons of lightning at the enemy to attack them.
  • Lightning Dragon Wings: Bella creates a pair of wings that allow her to fly short distances when Zeus can't.

Storm Magic: Bella is a Storm Mage, even though she uses mostly lightning, as she sees this is the most effective of all natrual disasters she can muster.

  • Lightning: Bella can create and manipulate lightning. Her spells are enchanced when using real lightning.
  • Other precipitation: Bella has shown use of the other forms of precipitation (hail more than others). She normally sticks with lightning though.

Requip: Bella uses two basic forms of Requip. She can Requip her current outfit to her gear, as well as Requipping the two pistols into a variety of weapons. She can also fuse two weapons into one big superweapon, but it takes a lot of magic energy.

  • Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: By requipping her weapons, Bella is an able fighter. She can blend her magic in with it or not use magic at all.


Bella originally came from a village that believed they could defeat dragons without Dragon Slayer Magic. Bella was a dragon hunter like her late parents before her, but deep down she knew it was impossible. One day while standing on a high cliff, she was approached by the Lightning Dragon Blitz. Bella chose not to kill her, and she gained Blitz's trust. She decided to leave her home to train with Blitz.

Blitz was a foster mother to Bella. She taught Bella Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic as well as hand to hand combat. Blitz practically raised Bella, until one day.

Blitz was left in a half dead state by Acnologia. She joined in a plan involving Igneel, Natsu Dragneel, Metallicana, Gajeel Redfox, Grandeeney, Wendy Marvell, Weisslogia, Sting Eucliffe, Skiadrum, Rogue Cheney, Zeref Dragneel, amd Anna Heartfilia. She used the Dragon Soul Technique and used Bella's body as a vessel, so Bella would not suffer the same fate as Acnologia and so Blitz could heal, but it didn't go as planned. Going through the Eclipse Gate, Bella's memory was altered into believing Blitz left.

Bella lived by herself the same village as Gray Fullbuster until the demon Deliora destroyed the village. Bella was presumed dead as a large hunk of rock fell on top of her, but she was found by Ur and her students. Having nothing left, Bella ran away from the ruins of the village.

After the village's destruction, Bella roamed Fiore, searching for Blitz. She hatched her Exceed companion, Zeus, and the two looked her Blitz together. Bella was taken under the tutelage of Rosalynn Stormthorn, a member of the guild Wild Hunt, which became Bella's first guild. Rosalynn taught Bella more advanced magic. When Rosalynn died, Bella inherited her Opening Key.

Three years prior to the beginning of the series, Bella left the Wild Hunt along with Zeus, then joined Fairy Tail. Bella beat up Jace Dispel, and formed her own team consisting of herself, Jace, Zeus, Han Gauss, the twins Isaiah and Jedediah Backburn, Maryse Greenwood, and Sandra Skyheart.


Galuna Island Arc

One morning everyone wakes up to find out that an S-class job request has been stolen. Makarov sends Gray to bring Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia, the culprits of the missing request, back and he drags Bella along.

Later, Gray ambushes Natsu and Lucy while they asked the sailor Bobo for transportation to Galuna Island. Bella prepares to intervene in Natsu and Gray's clash, which Bobo sees and decided to take the Mages to Galuna Island.

On the boat, Bella wakes up with her hands tied. Bobo tells the Mages (save Natsu, who was suffering from motion sickness) about the curse on Galuna Island. After he shows them his demon arm, he disappeared, and a huge wave washes them ashore.

That night, they reach the village. The five witness the villagers transforming into demons under the light of the purple moon. The chief Moka gives them an impossible task: destroy the moon. However, the Mages decide not to destroy the moon, and Lucy suggests to investigate further on the situation.


  • Bella was named after the star Bellatrix in the constellation Orion.
  • As noted by Gray Fullbuster, Bella frequently experiences deja vu
  • Bella resembles Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter
  • Her creator planned Bella to use Storm magic even before the name was devised.
  • Bella was originally named Kaminari Kuchiku, literally meaning Thunder Destroyer. The name Kaminari Kuchiku was later given to a fellow student of Rosalynn Stormthorn.
  • If Bella had a voice actor, it would have been Wendee Lee


(To Lucy Heartfilia) "I can't believe your nerve! How could I ever be related to an ice boy who can't even keep his clothes on!!???"

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