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Bella Onyx (Future) was Bella Onyx's counterpart from the future who travelled back in time to stop Rogue Cheney (Future)


Bella has electric blue eyes with slit pupils. She has curly black hair kept back in a high ponytail. She wears a bluish violet tank top that shows her back, along with black pants, black armbands, and black boots. She has Skybreaker at her belt. She wore two cloak: one was a large, hooded cloak that hid the right side of her face. The second one, which she wears over the first, is Rogue Cheney's cloak.

The right side of her body is badly burned from when Rogue attacked her. She is very self conscious about it, constantly used her cloaks to hide it and even got accustomed to using her left hand instead of her right in an attempt not to show it.


This version of Bella is more calmer and more composed. She has a resolve to stop the future version of Rogue, but she can get emotional around him. She is self conscious about the large burn on the right side of her body. She is also a strong Dragon Slayer and helped fight the Dragons until she went back to her own time period.

Magic and Abilities[]

Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic: Bella has Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic. She is shown to be stronger and more skilled than her present counterpart.


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Bella was taught by the Lightning Dragon, Blitz. Blitz entered Bella's body and sent her through the Eclipse Gate 400 years into the future. Bitter that Blitz left, she became cold. She was a Mage of Phantom Lord before joining Fairy Tail after the former's defeat at the hands of the latter. In the year X784, Bella was stuck on Tenrou Island for seven years.

A year after the Grand Magic Games, after Gray Fullbuster became a Dark Mage and killed Frosch, causing Rogue to succumb to the shadows and killing Sting and Terra, taking their Dragon Slayer Magic. Rufus Lore informs Bella about this. She went to fight Rogue herself, and he explained his plan to her, but spared her after burning half of her body with his attack.

Bella fought in the battle during the 100,000 Dragons. She didn't die, but she saw all of her friends die. Remembering Rogue's words, she travelled through the Eclipse Gate, back to the end of the Grand Magic Games to stop Future Rogue.


Grand Magic Games[]