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Bella Soloh is part of the Edolas Kingdom and the Royal Army Captain of the Fifth Magic War Division. She is the Edolas counterpart of Bella Onyx


Bella Soloh always wears a calm, composed, and "in-control" expression. Her curly black hair is pulled back into a high ponytail, with no loose strands. Her eyes are electric blue. Despite not being a Dragon Slayer, she still has canine sharp teeth like her Earth Land Counterpart, but her eyes aren't slit pupiled. Unlike her counterpart, she has no tattoos.

Soloh is usually seen wearing a revealing, halter-type armor breastplate top that is black in color, that leaves much of her cleavage and stomach exposed. She wears black leather gauntlets that look like demon claws, similar to Mirajane's Satan Soul. She also wears shiny black pants and tall armored boots. She also wears a long purple coat to complete her outfit. She also has two swords and a golden scythe.


Soloh is a quiet and composed individual, and unlike Bella Onyx, she is very much sane. However, she is not above taking pleasure in killing her enemies. When in combat, she prefers to take a slow and stealthy approach, stepping into the fight as it reached its climax, taking down her opponents with both brain and brawn. She is shown to be a rather good leader, even if her method of leading is intimidation. She is very devoted to the Kingdom of Edolas and was willing to destroy the magical guilds.


Master Swordswoman: Soloh doesn't use magical items often, so she normally sticks with her two swords. She is able to go on par with wizards from Earth Land using just her two swords.

Golden Scythe: When Soloh's swords broke, Soloh resorted to using her golden scythe. It is unknown if it has any magical abilities, as Soloh wielded it as a regular weapon. She showed great skill with the weapon and was able to deflect some of Onyx's attacks.


  • Soloh's outfit was inspired by the Joker from Suicide Squad.