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Demetra Dispel is a Mage of Fairy Tail and the leader of Team Demetra. She is a Fourth Generation Dragon Slayer.


Demetra is of average height with straight dark brown hair that reaches her upper back and gold slit pupiled eyes. Her teeth are sharp in a canine-like way. Her Fairy Tail mark is gold in color and located on her right shoulder. She also wears a single earring with a pink crystal dangle on her left ear.

Demetra wears a long sleeves, double breasted shirt with brown armbands going up to her elbows over her sleeves. She wears brown pants and brown boots caked with mud. She wears shoulder pads on her shoulders secured with cords that intersect in the front and back.


Demetra thinks herself as an average Mage of average strength, which is not true at all. She is very modest and doesn't exaggerate. Even though she doesn't look on it, she is strong and a good leader. She is very adamant about what she believe in, particularly bonds of friendship. She does not think of herself as the leader of her team, even though the other members see her as a leader.

Magic and Abilities[]

Earth Dragon Slayer Magic: Demetra practices Earth Dragon Slayer Magic, a Lost Magic powerful enough to take on a Dragon. She got this through Power Inheritance. Her style of magic utilizes the power of earthly materials, mainly rocks. her teeth and jaw are strong and hard enough to chew through stone. She can harden and soften the ground, as well as drill through the ground in a matter of seconds.