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Diana Orland-Dispel is a Mage of Sabertooth and a member of Team Helios.


Diana has her father's blue eyes and her mother's long glossy black hair. She has a small section of hair on the back of her head styled in a loop with the rest of the hair being in a braid. Because she is part demon, Diana has little horns on either side of her head.

Diana wears a reminiscent of her mother's outfit. She wears a kimono that is dark blue on the right half of it, and light blue on the left half. The skirt is cut at her knees, and she wears dark blue ankle boots. She also wears arm warmers under the sleeves of the kimono, light blue on the right and dark blue on the left.


Diana is a calm, confident, and collected individual. She is not prone to turn to violence as a solution, and thus acts like a voice of reason among her chaotic teammates. She is very mature and wishes for the others around her to act accordingly. People say she is like a "less intense version of Minerva". Diana also seems to have a sense of pride in her abilities, but she is not too arrogant.


Territory: Diana inherited her mother's Territory, a magic that involves spatial manipulation. Diana can manipulate space that is within her line of sight. She can teleport attacks, people, and objects, and switch places with people during a fight. The waves can harm a human heavily, having effects similar to lead, and she can also change the properties of a space, like changing the temperature and as a result producing extreme heat or creating explosions.


  • Diana is the Roman goddess of the hunt, wilderness, moon, and maidenhood.