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Han Gauss is a Mage of Fairy Tail wherein he is a member of Team Bella.


Han is short and stocky with messy sandy brown hair and bluish gray eyes. His guild mark is amber in color, and located on his right shoulder. At first it was Quatro Cerberus's mark, then it was replaced with Fairy Tail's mark.

Han is usually seen wearing a red flannel shirt with blue jeans. He also wears a brown vest with fringe at the bottom. He completes his outfit with brown cowboy boots, a brown bowboy hat, and two pistols in holsters around his upper legs.


Han is laid-back, easygoing, and a lazy slacker. He is messy, careless, and sarcastic. He doesn't like to fight a meaningless fight. Deposits this, he is devoted to his guild and getting stronger. If a fight has meaning, he'll fight it. Despite his recklessness, he has potential to be an S-class Mage.

Magic and Abilities[]

Gun Magic: Han practices Gun Magic, which revolves around the use of magic guns. His styles seems to revolve around the use of pistols, handguns, and other small firearms, though he can use bigger guns if he wishes to. He doesn't need to reload, since the guns automatically create a new bullet. He can cast magic circles on his enemies that make it impossible for him to miss.


Han is a Mage from the West and the adoptive brother of Alzack Connell. They were both former members of Quatro Cerberus before joining Fairy Tail. The two went on a bunch of jobs together and eventually formed an official team with Bisca Mulan.