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Henri Lates is a Mage of Blue Pegasus's Trimens.


Henri is a slim young man of average height. He has messy dirty blonde hair framing his face, along with blue eyes. He has his blue guild mark on his right shoulder. Like his father, girls consider him to be handsome.

Henri wears a dark blue vest with a white wing design at the top near his collar bones. He also wears a light blue shirt under it, along with dark blue pants and black shoes.


Henri, like the other Trimens, is a womanizer and typically charms any woman he meets, even if other people are around. He seems to flirt with woman shamelessly without asking their relationship status. He is also polite and uses honorifics when talking to people.

Henri can become serious or enthusiastic when he wants to be. He is also confident in his abilities, even though his Archive isn't an offensive magic. His offensive magic is Transformation Magic, like his mother.

Magic and Abilities[]

Archive: A rare magic that allows Henri to store and share information for various purposes. He can assess an enemy and their abilities given enough time. He usually keeps his distance on the battlefield and acts as a strategic commander, but he is capable of defending himself.

Transformation Magic: Henri possesses an affinity for Transformation Magic. He usually uses it to change into better armored and armed weapons during a battle.