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Hylla Cheney is an S-class Mage of the Sabertooth guild and the eldest of the Cheney siblings. She is a Fourth Generation Dragon Slayer.


Hylla is tall and pale with ruby red eyes with slit pupils with teeth that are sharp, like canines, as most Dragon Slayers tend to have. Her hair is inky black, and short at the back, getting longer as it came down in the front in a diagonal cut. Her bangs are cut above her eyes. Her black Sabertooth guild mark is located on her right shoulder.

Hylla wears a black tank top, along with black leather motorcycle pants and black boots. She also wears armbands that go halfway up the way to her elbows. She also wears a high collared black cloak with gold trim, similar to her father's. She also has a katana at her waist.


Hylla is very quiet and introverted, and is very strict and disciplined and usually chastens bad behavior and habits around the guild. Many people describe her as "mean and rude" when they first meet her. She can be socially awkward, but has a great sense of justice. Alot of her close friends say is warm and passionate, and different people view her differently. Like her father before her, she is tormented by "the Shadow", a manifestation of the element of her magic. Because of this, she works alongside Helios Eucliffe, a Light Dragon Slayer.

According to her, her Shadow problem is worse than Rogue. It sends her nightmares about what would supposedly happen if she didn't accept the Shadow's ultimate power, and it still makes her scared. She is shown to have faith that Helios won't let her succumb to the shadows.

Magic and Abilities[]

Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic: Hylla's Lost Magic allows her to transform her body's physciology into that of a Shadow Dragon. She can literally melt into the shadows and cannot be reached bt regular means in this state. She is also supernatrually fast, allowing her to dodge and attack very quickly. However, if another person who has this ability catches her, she is vulnerable to attacks. Her shadows can be released freely, or under her direct control, or she can mold it into objects or weapons.

  • Shadow Dragon Roar: Hylla expells a great amoutn of shadows from her mouth. The attacks forms into a tornado like structure as it attacks. It was able to make a large crater in solid rock.
  • Shadow Dragon Iron Fist: Hylla coats her fists in shadows as she ounches her opponent.
  • Shadow Dragon Wing Attack: Hylla produces large streams of shadows on either of her arms. While uaing this attacks, she twists in one direction and punches her targets.