Lightning Lady Wikia

Kaminari Kichiku is a Mage of Lamia Scale. Formerly, she was with Lyon Vastia's Moon Drip plan. Kaminari was a fellow apprentice of Rosalynn Stormthorn with Bella Onyx.


Kaminari has purple eyes and long black hair in a side swept ponytail that rests on the left side of her body. Her guild stamp is located on her right shoulder and is purple in color. After the timeskip, she is built physically big and strong.

Kaminari wears a black shirt with black pants. She also wears a yellow belt and black boots. A lightning insignia is on the back of her shirt. She wears purple bracers and yellow shoulder pads. Her katana is sheathed and hangs from her belt and is in a position that puts it behind Kaminari's body


Kaminari is loud, tough, and outspoken. She is brash and careless when she is battling and very wild, like Bella. During her time with the Moon Drip plan, Kaminari was not blindly loyal to Lyon Vastia. She has a fiery will, and she hates perverts, being the one who punches Lyon when he strips. She likes to make her own options.

Despite this, she can be quiet and thoughtful if she needs to be. She is a smart and strong person. She is always eager to prove herself. She is very relaxed and easygoing around the guild and is very well-known among her guildmates.

Magic and Abilities[]

Thunder Magic: A varistion of Storm Magic, Kaminari's use of magic revolves around the sound of thunder as well as lightning. Her style of magic is strong against Mages with heightened hearing senses.

  • Thunder Burst: Kaminari creates an orb and throws it at an enemy. On impact, it explodes, emitting loud thunder that will disorient an opponent's hearing.
  • Thunder Wave: Kaminari releases a thunder attack in the form of sound waves.
  • Electric Beam: Kaminari shoots an electric beam at her opponent with extra thunder to take out their hearing for the moment
  • Thunder Torrent: Kaminari releases a thunder and lightning attack in seemingly all directions. Kamianri considers this to be her strongest attack.
  • Thunder Orb: Kaminari creates an orb of lightning and thunder to throw at an opponent. She can sometimes combine this with Bella's Lightning Dragon Brilliant Storm.