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Maryse Greenwood is a Mage of Fairy Tail wherein she is a member of Team Bella. She is also a descendant of Fairy Tail founding member and Emperor of Ishgal, Warrod Sequen, as well as Porlyusica, the Edolas counterpart of Grandeeney.


Maryse has long blonde hair tied in a ponytail, but the ends weren't pulled all the way through on the last pull. Her eyes are leaf green. Her guild mark is green in color and located on her right shoulder blade.

Maryse normally wears a green shirt with sleeves that stop at her elbows, a green skirt, tall brown boots, and a scarf that is patterned with green, pink, and brown. The scarf is wrapped around her neck once, before it's tied below that and the rest is left loose.


Maryse is very cheerful and kind. She is a friendly person, but she can be strict if she needs to be. she is also excitable, likeable, and trusting. She was one of the first people from Fairy Tail to welcome Gajeel Redfox and Bella Onyx, the very Dragon Slayers who'd tortured Mercy and Lucy Heartfilia.

Magic and Abilities[]

Green Magic: Being the descendant of Warrod Sequen, Maryse can use Green Magic, the ultimate form of Nature Magic. This magic can create plants and trees. While it is states not to be very good at offense, Maryse has a few attack spells she can rely on.

Healing Magic: Because she is also descended from Porlyusica, Maryse knows a bit of Healing Magic, which she uses to help give emergency treatment to her fellow Mages if they're wounded and require immediate attention.