Lightning Lady Wikia

Natalie Nanagear is a Mage of Sabertooth and a member of Team Helios.


Natalie is a muscular girl with black eyes and long green hair that reached her waist. Her arms are circled with black tattoos. Her black Sabertooth mark is located on her right bosom. Her face is described to be "locked in a permanent scowl".

Natalie wears a black bikini top, along with a pair of olive green pants and black boots. She also wears brown armbands that go from her wrists up to the top of her biceps. She also wears a black headband, like her father does.


Natalie is a very striking, harsh, and determined individual. She is a good fighter and strategist and loyal to her guild. She acts like a tsundere but has a soft side she rarely shows. She is also very rough and tough and loves drinking and fighting. She can sometimes resort to violence as a solution to small problems around the guild. According to her, if violence doesn't solve problems, then you simply aren't using enough of it.

Magic and Abilities[]

Lightning God Slayer Magic: Natalie possesses a rare type of Lost Magic called Lightning God Slayer Magic. This magic allows her to produce black lightning with high voltage and destructive powers. She can also eat lightning and electricity. She uses melee type combat, and paired with her can-do attitude, makes it difficult to defeat her.

  • Lightning God's Zeus: Natalie spreads her arms and conjured up two black lightning orbs. They grow bigger until Natalie throws them at her target. The spells causes mass damage that can demolish whole buildings.


"If violence isn't solving your problems, you simply aren't using enough of it."