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Raphael Lore is a Mage of Sabertooth and a member of Team Helios.


Raphael is a tall boy with blonde hair that stops at his shoulders and dark brown eyes. He is usually shown wearing a crimson mask that covers his upper face, similar to his father. His crimson Sabertooth guild mark is located on the back of his hand. He is usually shown in a relaxed position.

Raphael is dressed more casually than his father. He wears a crimson jacket over a long sleeved white shirt. He also wears white pants and black boots.


Raphael is very laid-back and casual. He is depicted as calm and composed and thoughtful. He is poetic as well, usually making poetic statements in every day conversation. He seems to like to drink tea. He is also polite and can be sarcastic.

Magic and Abilities[]

Memory-Make: A rare form of Ancient Magic that allows Raphael to memorize spells and magic and create new spells. He is also able to make people "forget" a spell that he's seen before.

Telekinesis: Raphael apparently has the ability to manipulate inanimate objects to float around him.