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Selene Cheney is a Mage of the Sabertooth guild and a Fourth Generation Dragon Slayer. She is the middle child of the Cheney siblings.


Selene has long, black hair with waves here and there pulled back into an upward ponytail. Her red eyes have slit pupils, like a snake's. Her complexion is fair. Her guild mark is on her left shoulder and is black in color. Like most Dragon Slayers, her teeth are distinctively canine-sharp.

Selene wears a sleeveless, double breasted black shirt along with gray pants and black boots. Over her shirt, she wears a strapless, cropped dark purple top. She wears a lapel of the same color over her right leg. She wears disattched, dark purple trimmed gray sleeves along with steel shoulder pads. She has her sabre at her side.


Selene is very much like her mother, Bella Onyx. She is fearless and reckless, also powerful with potential to become an S-class Mage. She is loyal to Sabertooth and treasures friendship bonds. She is also very tough, takes no crap, and never backs down from a fight. She is also easy to make friends with.

Selene inherited Bella's insanity. At times, she can be wild and crazy. She has a cheerful, almost childish persona, in stark contrast to her older sister Hylla. Selene frequently starts brawls within the Sabertooth guild hall in a similar way that happens in the Fairy Tail guild hall. She is quick to prone to violence as a solution.

Magic and Abilities[]

Dark Dragon Slayer Magic: Selene practices a type of Dragon Slayer Magic called Dark Dragon Slayer Magic, which is also a Lost Magic. It is stated that Dark Dragon Slayer Magic is very different from Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic. Selene is able to manipulate, generate, and consume darkness, and spells originating from Darkness Magic. Her attacks are black sprayed with dots of silver, imitating the stars in the night sky.

  • Dark Dragon Roar: Selene can gather and release many dark tendrils at her target.
  • Dark Dragon Iron Fist: Selene's fists are coated with the tendrils as she punches her opponent.
  • Dark Dragon Crushing Fang: Selene covers her hands with her tendrils and slashes at the enemy.
  • Dark Dragon Sword Horn: Selene covers her body with darkness as she nails her opponent with a physical attack.

Swordswoman: Selene had exhibited great skill with her scimitar that she always carries. While the level of her skill remains unknown, it is worth to mention that she was able to take down several enemies with her weapon.

Enhanced Senses: As a characteristic of all Dragon Slayers, Selene's senses are heightened and physical abilities surpass that of a normal wizard. Her enhanced skills include sight, smell, hearing, strength, speed, stamina, and agility.


  • Selene was the name of the early Greek goddess of the moon, before Artemis came along.