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Wolf Cheney is a Mage of Sabertooth and the youngest of the three Cheney children. He is a Fourth Generation Dragon Slayer.


Wolf is short and stocky fifteen year old boy with a messy mop of scruffy, curly black hair and slit pupiled electric blue eyes and sharp, canine-like teeth. Out of the Cheney siblings, he resembles Bella Onyx the most. His blue Sabertooth guild mark is located on his left shoulder.

Wolf wears a short-sleeved black shirt with baggy black pants and black boots. He also wears a blue coat that has the blue Sabertooth guild mark on the left shoulder of the sleeve.


Wolf is rather quiet and shy, but can be loud if he wants to be. He is also pretty brave, but is still scared of things. He is also independent and free-spirited. Some people might describe him as the "life of the party". But he isn't as prone to using violence as a solution to everything as some of the others, like Selene Cheney or Natalie Nanagear.

Magic and Abilities[]

Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic: Wolf inherited Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic from his mother, this making him a Fourth Generation Dragon Slayer. His spells originate from lightning, and he is able to eat lightning and electricity (including batteries).